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Office waiting area of the Lawrenceville Dental Arts practice

About Lawrenceville Dental Arts

Our office was custom designed and built to be visually appealing yet highly functional. Our waiting area is spacious and bright. Warm furnishings elegantly appoint the room and beautiful artwork adorns the walls. Each of our four treatment rooms are tastefully decorated with impressionist artwork, and each treatment room expresses its own unique theme. Every effort has been made to ensure that your dental visits will be soothing, pleasant, and comfortable.

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Digital Radiography & Digital Imaging:

Dr. Tuccillo having a consultation with a patient

Leading The Digital Revolution!

Our office is equipped with digital x-rays and digital imaging to provide unprecedented diagnostic images with unsurpassed detail and quality. Digital x-rays allow patients to view images of their teeth on large screen monitors so they can better understand their dental situations. We utilize the new, top-rated Dexis Platinum Sensor in conjunction with ultra-high resolution color monitors. Some dental offices use less expensive office-grade computer monitors or laptops for their radiographs; we know that medical-grade, high-resolution monitors are crucial to detailed diagnostic images. No expense was spared in order to provide our patients the absolute finest radiographic imaging system available.

Digital imaging allows us to show our patients live color video images of their teeth. With this technology, patients can see exactly what the dentist sees in phenomenal detail. Cracked fillings, cavities, decay around old dental work, leaky crowns, and stained teeth can be viewed and discussed with the patient totally involved in treatment plans and diagnosis. Patients can view their smiles on large, brilliant, 22-inch color monitors to better discuss desired cosmetic dentistry. Images of patients’ smiles and teeth are stored in our computer so patients can see their progress during treatment. Before and after photos are a snap and all images can be printed or emailed for future reference. Doctor and patient communication is fun, interactive, and informative.

Triangle Sterilization Center

Our sterilization system is truly state of the art, even futuristic. Our office features the new Triangle Sterilization Center. With this system, all instruments are ultrasonically cleaned, sterilized, dried, and packaged without ever having to touch them. Each sterilized instrument cassette is opened in front of the patient, and only when patient treatment begins. The safety and comfort of our patients is of paramount concern to us. Our suite is located in the Princess Road Office Park in Lawrenceville, N.J. Our office is less than 1 mile from interstate 295/95 and Route 1. Our location is one of the most desirable in Central NJ for professional space because of its close proximity to Princeton, Pennington, Windsor and Mercerville. The Princess Road Office Park is a small, intimate and simplistically designed professional space that is easily accessible. Parking is plentiful and just steps away from the entrance to our suite.

Our Practice Philosophy

We strive to provide top quality dentistry in a comfortable and stress free environment. We enjoy spending time with our patients, getting to know them, and building long-term relationships in the process. We are not a large, impersonal “clinic” where “assembly line dentistry” is the norm, and doctor / patient relationships barely exist. Our practice continues to flourish because of the special attention we show each of our patients. We take the time to learn our patients’ individual preferences so that their dental visits can be customized to reflect their unique needs and desires. We know that the greatest compliment we can receive is when a satisfied patient refers a friend or family member to our office.